Uplevel your bedtime

We do it better.

When it comes to protecting your bedding, you've got more choices than ever.

Venus Matters has been doing it better since 2015.

Venus Mats are carefully designed with the most luxurious, benefit-packed fabrics (without all the nasty chemicals) so you can feel absolutely safe to tap your super powers in bed.

You'll find nothing compares to a Venus Mat's softness, absorbency, or sustainability— hello 10-year waterproof guarantee.

With thousands of customers from Australia to Alberta and from Texas to Thailand, we've never had a single Venus Mat returned.

So sure, Venus Mats may cost more but we think you're worth it.

Make exquisite pleasure your priority & put worries about body fluids to bed for good with a Venus Mat.

Explore our designs

Shame ends here.

From menstruation to maternity to messy seggs (hi censor bots), a Venus Mat helps you feel sovereign in bed so you can be all that you were born to be.

Meticulously designed, every Venus Mat is:

  • Handmade in the USA from certified-safe fabrics —free from PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates, or other dangerous chemicals found in other bed mats.
  • Highly absorbent: no puddles, leaks or overflows.
  • Easy care: washer/dryer safe.
  • Guaranteed waterproof for 10 years.

Tap overflowing pleasure & keep your bedding spotless & dry with the planet's most sustainable bed mat.

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The Venus Matters Difference:

Venus Mats are satisfaction guaranteed & better than the competition at protecting your bedding.

Returns are easy but in eight years of doing business, we've never had one.

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