Be completely free in bed.

The Venus Matters Guarantee

Venus Mats are guaranteed waterproof for 10 years.
They'll last even longer.

We've searched far and wide to find the safest, most luxurious & functional fabrics available.

Venus Mats are built to last, honoring both humans and Mother Earth.

Rest easy, all our Venus Mats are sewn in the USA using only certified safe fabrics. We've been elevating bedtime for seven years without a single return. With care, you will enjoy using them for years to come.

Simply pop your Venus Mat in the washer (on cold) & dryer (on low/medium). Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or enzyme-based detergents (which could damage the waterproof layer).

Venus Mats have been tested by an independent lab to ensure they do not contain dangerous chemicals. No PFOAs, phthalates, lead, or formaldehyde exists in our products (please feel free to email us to get a copy of this report).

Venus Matters so you can make bedtime sacred & put worries about mattress stains and wet-spots to bed for good.

Check out more on our "Frequently Asked Questions" page here.


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