Why Venus Matters

 Founded in 2015, Venus Matters is a woman-owned business with a worldwide mission.

We envision a world where:

  • Women feel totally safe, respected & utterly free.
  • Societies & governments everywhere honor and protect individual sexual sovereignty.
  • More people experience the miracle of being alive and all abuse and coercion ends.

The Body is a temple.
We created an altar cloth.

 Postpartum mat. bed protector. sex mat. gusher. squirter. waterproof.

Your body is the result of billions of years of evolutionary intelligence. Your sight is miraculous. Your skin is a high-tech sensation material. Your brain is a synaptic supercomputer. Your sex is endowed with life-giving heat and mysterious potencies. Venus Matters because…

Vaginas are amazing, women are Sheroes, and body fluids are, in fact, nothing to be ashamed about. 

We believe:

Young girls deserve more support, especially at menarche (a girl’s first bleed). We want to help young ones feel comfortable and honored as they learn about their procreative powers, while feeling perfectly safe sleeping through the night on a Venus Mat

Mothers are magnificent. Giving birth is messy. Great for home births or for bringing something beautiful to the hospital, a Venus Mat is perfect for when a woman’s water breaks. Unlike disposable pads, Venus Mats provide a comfortable, uplifting way for new mothers to recuperate during postpartum (less laundry = happier mommy and caretakers).

Sex is sacred. Consecrate it. Make it hot & holy.

At our inception, we made a powerful prayer for protection, asking that no form of abuse ever occur on a Venus Mat. We also donate a portion of our profits from the Humming Dragon Venus Mat to help end sex-trafficking both in the USA and abroad. Sexual assault is terribly prevalent and must come to an end.

It’s time to close the #orgasmgap. We want women to know their unbridled pleasure matters. Then there's the femme fontaines: Did you know that some 10-16% of women naturally emit up to a cup of fluid during sex? (And no, #itsnotpee.) If more womb-holders knew they had a built-in fountain of arousal, we believe many more of would be letting it flow.

It's time to put body fluid taboos to bed for good & help women claim their sexual sovereignty in the bedroom & beyond.

We're devoted to honoring all of life’s cycles—from birth to death and everything in between...

Let a certified-safe, lovingly designed, and sustainably made Venus Mat take away worries about body fluids & elevate your bedtime, anytime.

That's why Venus Matters, and so do you.

May your days and nights be filled with delight!


~Jules Cazedessus
Founder & CEO

Founder Jules Cazedessus on the Flower Dakini Venus Mat


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