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Flower Dakini Venus Mat

Product image 1Flower Dakini Venus Mat
Product image 2Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw a cascade of abstract flowers on a pale gray background. Waterproof, Washable sex mat. Venus Mats keep the bedding clean when things get wonderfully wet.
Product image 3The Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw luxurious waterproof period and sex mat for squirters with light gray and blue and pinkflowers and
Product image 4Flower Dakini Venus Mat
Product image 5The Flower Dakini Venus Mat is waterproof sex mat that lasts. Blue and gold diaphanous streaks on a pale gray background. Super absorbent period sex and ejacualtion mat.

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Abstract streaks of white and gold interlace a diaphanous sky as the essence of flowers play on a soft gray background. Bloom in bed with the Flower Dakini Venus Mat.

A detail of a painting by Mishel Schwartz (a wonderful Canadian artist we commissioned to create a portrait of feminine energy merged with flora), the Flower Dakini Venus Mat creates a safe and beautiful space for you to unfurl in bed.

"Dakini" is Sanskrit for the divine feminine in Tibetan Buddhism. Representing both the human and the otherworldly in feminine form, Dakinis embody an ever-changing flow of feminine energy on the path to enlightenment.

This is our first offering in what will become a collection of Dakini Venus Mats honoring wild and sacred feminine energy.


The top layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat is sublimate printed on a wonderfully soft microfiber blend that feels delicious on naked skin. This first thirsty layer is:

  • Absorbent, breathable, and environmentally safe.
  • Stain-resistant.

Underneath this cover, we take an absorbent bamboo and organic cotton terrycloth and fuse it to a durable yet breathable waterproofing—forming an effective but pliable second and third layer.

Unlike cheaper bed mats, our waterproofing is manufactured in American textile mills and guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

The fourth and final layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat is a luxurious and breathable champagne velvet. It feels delicious on naked skin.

  • The Flower Dakini Venus Mat comes in a 56" x 59" inch (Queen) rectangle or a 56" x 73" (King) rectangle. 


Wash separately in cold water. Dry on low.

Our Guarantee: 

Every Venus Mat comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Shipping & Returns:
  • This item ships directly from Colorado in discrete packaging.
  • Complimentary returns if unused accepted within 30 days of purchase.
  • International shipping is available at check-out (international customers are responsible for all import/customs fees). Exchanges and returns are not available on international orders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
D. N.
Best present ever

Still amazed by how well this mat works. Not a drop goes through. It gives so much comfort, I could even say this was the best present to myself ever. Note: If you live abroad, keep in mind that there could be extra costs for import (didn't realise that, was not a pleasant surprise). Worth every euro though :)

Love that: “The best present” for yourself—what a great gift, indeed. We do state that international shipping requires customs fees in the shipping section of each product and we appreciate you giving the heads up to others.

M'Lea Coco
Best sex-cessory ever!

Toys are great but I hate having to deal with the clean up. Stripping off 4 layers of bedding to wash and fold while putting on new layers. Makes me dread…sex. Or enjoying it as fully. But this. I have almost done everything to try to soak through and still haven’t! It’s so amazing! And I would have accepted a dog blanket but this is soft and pretty and sexy.

'Sex-cessory' we're stealing that! Thanks for your review!

Earle Williams
Looks beautiful and never a mess

With the Dakini Venus Mat we don't have to worry about catching fluids, the mat does it for us. So we can focus on the important stuff!

masha makarian

Flower Dakini Venus Mat

Absolutely beautiful

I absolutely love my mat. It's still waterproof even after going through the wash many times! The fabric feels luxuriously soft, the pattern gorgeous and the size perfect. It is liberating not worrying about messes anymore. I now wonder how I lived without it.

So good to hear! As long as you wash it according to our 'Venus Mat Owner's Guide' it will stay waterproof for a decade or more! (Let us know if you need us to send that to you again). Thank you for your wonderful review.

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