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Elevating bedtime since 2015. 

Organic cotton period (or sex) blanket—the Midnight Moonlight Venus Mat.

Sublime Protection

From menstruation to maternity to messy sex, Venus Mats are an elegant solution for protecting the bedding. Waterproof, Absorbent & Washable Venus Mats = no more wet-spots, blood-stains or worries in bed. 


Succulent Expansion

Your body is miraculous. Your pleasure is divine. Venus Matters for you to expand your love affair with life, befriend body fluids, and claim your sensual power in the bedroom and beyond.

Our mission

Venus Mats have garnered only ALL 5-star reviews!

Blog posts

Uncovering the Blood Mysteries

I cannot recall the season or the lover but I remember the moment—like a photograph stopped in time. It ended up chan...

The secret's out...

...and so are the tampon-selfies. The other day, an American lady in her 70s told me that when she first started to m...
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