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Female ejaculation is natural and mess free with a Venus Mat.

Body fluids. Blood. Sweat (or tears)... Venus Mats have got you covered.

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This mat is beautiful and durable. Great investment if you have fancy sheets you want to protect!!! Will likely purchase a second for when this one is in the wash!

Amber from WA, United States

The Venus Mat is the best purchase I have ever made, so why has it taken me years to review it? still feels taboo to admit sex is one of my favorite things to do. I love that it's messy. I love that it requires me to trust with my entire being. I love that sex makes me feel alive. The Venus Mat is a little reminder that we are capable of connecting on the most intimate of levels, & it has been an invaluable part of my romantic life. Inventions like the Venus Mat remind us that we should be enjoying our bodies. We should be exploring. We should be having orgasms and making messes and kissing and touching and cuddling. It is our right to engage in consensual pleasure. The mat helps my partner and I to abandon our inhibitions & relax. It's a catalyst for getting us both turned on. It's an invitation to play. The Venus Mat is the best purchase I've ever made, & I'm going to say that out loud, damn it.

Taylor from Los Angeles, CA


After buying my first mat, I had to buy two more just so I could always have a clean one at hand. Super simple, elegant + aesthetic solution to keeping the bedding clean and dry.

Matt from Canada