Feel safe in bed.

Organic cotton menstrual blanket, or gusher pad. Waterproof & washable. Leak and stain-proof, elegant bed mats.

Luxurious Protection

Venus Matters so you can rest easy and feel utterly free in bed (and beyond). From menstruation to maternity to messy sex, Venus Mats have you covered: no more wet-spots, blood stains or worries. Absorbent, beautiful and practical Venus Mats are:

❥ Guaranteed waterproof for 3 years. 

❥ Washer/Dryer safe.

❥ Handmade in the USA with certified safe fabrics.

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Giving birth can be messy, with postpartum blues and too much laundry. But a woman's body is divine. Luscious, fertile and deserving of support. Pregnant woman in a bathtub filled with fruits and vegetables.

Sublime Embodiment

Your body is miraculous. Your biology is nothing to be ashamed about. Life is wonderfully messy and we celebrate that! Inspire a new mother, menstruator, or anyone wanting more sex (but less mess) to feel fully relaxed and beautifully uplifted in her body-temple. Discover the ease, elegance, and elevation of a Venus Mat. 

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Venus Mats have only 5-star reviews!

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