Be unafraid in bed.

Organic cotton menstrual blanket, or gusher pad. Waterproof & washable. Leak and stain-proof, elegant bed mats.

Luxurious Protection

Venus Matters because you deserve to feel like a queen in bed. From menstruation to maternity to messy sex, Venus Mats have you covered (no more wet spots, blood stains or worries). Absorbent, beautiful and practical Venus Mats are:

❥ Guaranteed waterproof for 3 years. 

❥ Washer/Dryer safe.

❥ Handmade in the USA with certified safe fabrics.

Choose your favorite cover
Giving birth can be messy, with postpartum blues and too much laundry. But a woman's body is divine. Luscious, fertile and deserving of support. Pregnant woman in a bathtub filled with fruits and vegetables.

Sublime Embodiment

Your body is miraculous. Your biology is nothing to be ashamed about. Life is wonderfully messy and we celebrate that!  A Venus Mat inspires a new mother, a menstruator, or anyone wanting more sex (but less mess) to feel relaxed and uplifted in her body-temple. Discover the ease, elegance, and elevation of a Venus Mat. 

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Venus Mats have only 5-star reviews!

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