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The Venus Mat

The Pink Power Venus Mat, waterproof bed mats for period blankets and wet-spot control

Venus Matters . . . and so do you.

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Venus Mats Have received only five star reviews!


This mat is beautiful and durable. Great investment if you have fancy sheets you want to protect!!! Will likely purchase a second for when this one is in the wash!

Amber from WA, United States


I admit, I was skeptical. Towels never worked. The "waterproof" matress protector didn't always work. This product is brilliant. It's pretty, comfortable, and worked. The sheets were completely clean and dry; it was so nice to not have to figure out whose turn it was to take the wet spot, and just enjoy a warm, relaxing, and completely dry nights sleep.



I am so pleased with my beautiful Rose Magic Venus Mat! After looking far and wide for an alternative to changing the sheets daily during my Moon Time, the Venus Mat has now provided a practical solution and has also created a space for the deep honoring of my Moon Time and my Divine Feminine. I feel held and nurtured.... beautiful in a time when we no longer have the nurturing and support of The Red Tent.

So much love and gratitude.

Kylie, from CA


I was so excited to receive my mat and thrilled with how beautiful it is! My room feels so much more elegant than it did with stained sheets and towels.

Katie Weiler from Carlsbad, CA


Purchased this as a gift for my wife after she asked for my opinion on its price pointing out her discomfort with the aftermath of certain sticky situations. We have used it multiple times with a very good outcome and even after several washes the colors of the mat still look like day one. Not to mention it can be used anywhere and not worry about leaving any trace as guests on another's house.

William from Virginia

The Venus Mat is the best purchase I have ever made, so why has it taken me years to review it? still feels taboo to admit sex is one of my favorite things to do. I love that it's messy. I love that it requires me to trust with my entire being. I love that sex makes me feel alive. The Venus Mat is a little reminder that we are capable of connecting on the most intimate of levels, & it has been an invaluable part of my romantic life. Inventions like the Venus Mat remind us that we should be enjoying our bodies. We should be exploring. We should be having orgasms and making messes and kissing and touching and cuddling. It is our right to engage in consensual pleasure. The mat helps my partner and I to abandon our inhibitions & relax. It's a catalyst for getting us both turned on. It's an invitation to play. The Venus Mat is the best purchase I've ever made, & I'm going to say that out loud, damn it.

Taylor from Los Angeles, CA


I love this mat--both during my moon time and sexy time with my guy. First the design is beautiful and adds a level of "sacred" to whenever I use it. During my period, I'll lay it out to sleep--and I sleep so soundly because I am not worried that something will leak (like I usually do). And when I have sexy time during my period, I feel confident and in the moment...again because I am not worrying. My bed and sheets and my guy's bed and sheets have remained spotless. Thank you for a great product!!

MM from CA


My mat arrived this week and I can't believe just how quickly it got here since I am the other side of the world, in NZ. The mat itself is so gorgeous and the pictures really don't do it justice. the colours are vibrant and the weight of the mat itself is amazing. I am so looking forward to having this on my bed and bringing the spiritual back to sex. Just DIVINE! Wish I had had one years ago.

Caitlin Grace, Self Love Coach from Katikati, Bay of Plenty New Zealand


I can't have enough of these! Table cover one minute to catch the drippings of my morning coffee, sexy duvet the next! No more sloppy swamps of love in this California king! I bought my niece two and she is WAY more sexually active than I. And that says ALOT! I do however need to purchase another for myself as I put a hole into it during the last "sexcapade" when I decided to incorporate a Bobby Flay role play. But overall wonderful product 10/10 would recommend. The rose design is nice too. God Bless! 

Aunt Carol (sex guru)