Because life is wonderfully messy.

Why Venus Matters

As a child of hippies, I had no idea exactly what I was taking on launching a business tackling at least two—if not three, or four—taboos. Establishing Venus Matters has kicked my naïve little butt! Here’s why:

Talk about menstruation? Please don’t! At the very least, keep it to yourself (in the West) or if you happen to be a woman living in other parts of the world, you could find yourself barred from the kitchen and forced to sleep with the cows just because you’re on your period.

So I guess that kind of makes discussing period sex out of the question? What an understatement. Any mainstream article on the taboo of getting your “red-wings” will invariably be followed by a stream of mean, dismissive or outright vicious comments—many of them by women. How dare you? Disgusting. What’s wrong with you?!

Ever heard of female ejaculation? Well, #Itsnotpee and though the UK has prohibited it from being depicted in adult films, it's perfectly natural for some women to emit up to a cup or more of fluid during sex. It's nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, like women's orgasms overall (which still trail behind men's even in the same act), it could be encouraged. But oh, the wet spot!

Then there’s the often hidden suffering some women experience after giving birth. They’ve passed what amounts to a small watermelon through their cervix only to come home to a body-fluid jamboree—mommy’s bleeding, boobs are leaking, and the wee one is a cute little poop-and-pee factory that she alone (often) has to manage. Every heard of postpartum depression?! Hell, yes. The piles of laundry alone should give you pause.

Or how about incontinence? Yeah, that’s a real fun topic! (Not.)

Finally, there’s a tragic and costly custom in our society, which Harvard Divinity School’s Stephen Jenkinson ominously calls, the Death Trade. We ship the elderly off to hospitals or hospices, leaving them to confront the end of life with strangers in a strange land.

Venus Matters to help address all these pain points. We’re here so you can truly honor all of life’s cycles, from birth to death and everything in between.

Not surprisingly, this business was also born from my personal experience:

1) I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night and rushing to the bathroom to prevent breakthrough bleeding from staining my sheets (even with a tampon and two pads). Ugh, I never wanted to scrub drops of blood out of another expensive set of sheets ever again!

2) I happened to love period sex not only feeling extra-aroused during my period but also for helping alleviate cramps. 

3) While I’ve never had kids I’m thrilled to hear that Venus Mats are a popular baby shower gift. They’re perfect for diaper-free playtime for baby—then later, pop it in the wash and get some much-deserved playtime for mommy and daddy too! (One of my first customers said she was so happy she had a Venus Mat when her water broke—she came home from the hospital to a dry mattress.)

4) This one is still pretty raw and painful to even mention, but she wouldn’t want me to hold back here either: Last January, my dear sister, Jeanette, died from metastasized breast cancer. She used her Butterflies Venus Mat nightly after she got her urostomy bag to help with spills in bed. She loved how pretty it was and I loved her more than I can ever say…


So yeah, a new business addressing end-of-life, outside-the-box sexuality, and body fluids—good luck stirring up social media shares! (Facebook won’t let me boost half of what I write on our Venus Matters page anyway).

But I’m not giving up. I know—because our customers tell us so in their all-five star reviews—that Venus Mats actually improve lives.

We’re a small business with a big mission and we’re making a real difference, one Venus Mat at a time. Plus we haven’t had a single return, on the contrary, many of our customers come back for a second or third Venus Mat.

One woman proudly confessed she had her first squirting orgasm on a Venus Mat. Another told me, with tears in her eyes, that she’d been sexually abused as a child but when she lays down her Venus Mat she knows the sex will be on “her terms.”

We couldn’t be more proud to be supporting women and men (and anyone in between) to claim their own in the bedroom and beyond!

Thankfully, times are changing: Venus Matters is part of a growing movement we like to call the #PleasureRevolution.

See, we believe that anywhere and everywhere you find human beings, if given the choice, people would rather be making love than making war. We may have evolved from animals (and we have some destructive behavior to clean up and fast) but we are waking up to our divine potential and to each other. That’s why Venus Matters.

We’re committed to supporting women’s reproductive health and happiness worldwide (and women’s right are human rights, so the faster we lift women out of oppression, the healthier and safer our world will be).

We stand for sexual freedom and sovereignty—no politician (or religious leader) gets to insert himself between the sheets of our consensual choices in bed.

We celebrate you relaxing into your body and expanding into your pleasure in this, your one and precious life… 

Venus Matters because we’re all here for such a short time—we might as well enjoy it. That's why we like to close in saying:

To your delight!



*  *  *

Jules Cazedessus
Founder & CEO