What's the real environmental cost of your bed mat?

Hey Earth Lover,

As we celebrate our amazing Mother Earth, it's time to talk about the dark side of eco-conscious marketing.

The textile industry is said to produce some 20% of global clean water pollution and a single load of polyester fabrics can contribute up to 700,000 microplastic fibers that may end up in the food chain.

Companies often make bold claims about the sustainability of their bed mats, but when you look closer, the reality can be quite different. Here are some common examples:

🛑  The cheap polyester fleece used in other “luxury” bed mats tends to break down in your washer/dryer, contributing to the massive environmental problem of microplastics inundating the natural world.

🛑  Ever heard of "vegan polyester"? The truth is, there’s no such thing as non-vegan polyester. The term is misleading because polyester itself does not contain animal byproducts (and if a company misleads you here, where else?).

🛑  Beware antimicrobial fabrics: They’re usually embedded with silver nanoparticles which haven't been properly tested (that’s why we’ve refused to incorporate them in our products from the start). Silver nanoparticles indiscriminately kill bacteria, including beneficial ones that are essential for our health.

🛑  Some companies boast about being made in the USA, yet a closer look reveals a different reality. Lengthy shipping times indicate products are sourced from overseas, raising concerns about the environmental impact of long-distance shipping and the working conditions of overseas laborers.

🛑  Questionable certifications: While labels like OEKO-TEX may seem reassuring, they do not guarantee the highest standards. Most fabrics and waterproofing are manufactured in countries with lax or unenforced regulations, leaving global certifications unreliable and largely unchecked. Waterproofing is especially dangerous as it can emit chemicals that may interfere with the endocrine system.

Amidst a sea of greenwashing, Venus Matters stands out as a beacon of sustainability. Here’s why:

🌎  The longevity, quality and sustainability of our fabrics is essential to our mission: Our fabrics are carefully sourced as safe, delightful, and durable. They won’t shed like other bed mats. Plus, with our 10-year guarantee, you’re reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impacts of cheaper mats.

🌎  Safety of our waterproof layer: Venus Mats are made with an American-made waterproofing offering peace of mind and environmental responsibility. It’s both durable and guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

🌎  Ethical manufacturing: Our products are proudly made in the USA, ensuring living wages for our skilled sewers and supporting local economies (not dictators or authoritarian governments).

🌎  Organic offerings: We're proud to offer the only GOTS-certified organic cotton sex blanket on the market. Why not pamper yourself and the planet at the same time?

To help celebrate Earth Day, we're rolling out the green carpet with a special deal: 22% off all Venus Mats this weekend only.

Let's make sustainability sexy and transparent, together!


~The Loving team at Venus Matters

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