Change isn't easy. Time to change HOW we're trying to change.

Change isn't easy. Time to change HOW we're trying to change.

It’s already the end of January and the roaring 20s are underway! So, how are your New Year’s resolution going? You probably don’t need reminding that many well-intended resolutions end before the first month of the new year does.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already dropped the ball on your goals this year!

The truth is, changing ourselves—or anything—is monumental work. But what if setting big goals or resolutions isn’t the best way to go about making the changes we want to see in our lives?

Maybe change requires first understanding what’s already going on, and then using that understanding to set up the contexts or conditions to make change possible (and assured).

Let’s say you want to get in shape. Consider hiring a trainer, getting a Fitbit, or finding a gym buddy to help you stay accountable instead of hating yourself for not “getting to the gym every day.”

If you want to lose weight, bust a move on your kitchen cabinets: check the ingredients list and discard any fake or fattening food...then research delicious new recipes that inspire healthier grocery lists (if you can stop yourself from buying crap, you won’t be eating as much of it).

If you’re longing for more community, pay close attention to how you're spending your time—then try breaking out of what’s habitual and comfortable. Forging new paths with others will surely open up new realms of the heart.

None of us can do this alone. So being crystal clear about exactly how we need to show up for ourselves and for each other to succeed is key.

And remember, our individual success can only go so far. Ultimately, we are bound by the limits of our mutual success. After all, the greatest context (which we all share), is the condition of our planet... and the Earth is clearly under considerable threat.

It’s a tumultuous time and so much is at stake. Who knows what the new decade will bring?! At Venus Matters, rest assured that we’re committed to keeping our manufacturing standards high and our products safe—for you and our planet—while elevating your bedtime.

It's important to note that sleeping or making love on a Venus Mat will help decrease water usage and waste. There's less laundry to do (after sticky situations) and less need for new sheets (how many stained sheets, mattress pads or, heck, entire mattresses have you had to throw out?!) 

Venus Mats provide a beautiful way to create the best contexts for gushing, mind-bending orgasms (read one customer's review here about how her "already really luscious life-changing orgasms tripled, quadrupled, probably even more in frequency, power and satisfaction when [she] got [her] Venus Mat.")

As we find ourselves on the precipice of so much that is changing—for better or worse—it's clear that we need to get better at caring for ourselves, for each other, and for the Earth, herself. Changes that come from creating the best conditions and contexts for our evolution are the only ones that will really stick. 

Each year, we renew our commitment to the ideal of exquisite care. We’re devoted  to the values of Venus—the goddess of beauty, love, and victory over all that’s crass, crude or destructive in our world.

We are deeply honored to have the privilege of bringing our products into your home and your intimate relationships. 

We love helping you create the most practical and beautiful contexts for your love-life to bloom, in bed and beyond.

Here's to a wonderful new year!


Venus Matters, elevating bedtime since 2015.



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