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Flower Dakini Venus Mat

Product image 1Flower Dakini Venus Mat
Product image 2Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw a cascade of abstract flowers on a pale gray background. Waterproof, Washable sex mat. Venus Mats keep the bedding clean when things get wonderfully wet.
Product image 3The Flower Dakini Venus Mat Throw luxurious waterproof period and sex mat for squirters with light gray and blue and pinkflowers and
Product image 4Flower Dakini Venus Mat
Product image 5King Dakini Venus Mat waterproof washable sex mats 10-year guarantee. Venus matters shop now.
Product image 6The most beautiful bed amt available. King Dakini Venus Mat. 10-year guarantee.
Product image 7Soft golds, blush and blue make up the ephemeral flowers on the King dakini Venus Mat. Waterproof washable squirter mat.
Product image 8The Flower Dakini Venus Mat is waterproof sex mat that lasts. Blue and gold diaphanous streaks on a pale gray background. Super absorbent period sex and ejacualtion mat.

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"I never write reviews but this “blanket” has been the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I’ve tried other methods but they fall apart after used and washed a lot or they make a puddle and don’t soak anything up."

Streaks of white and gold and the essence of flowers play on a light gray background in the Flower Dakini Venus Mat

"Dakini" is Sanskrit for the divine feminine and this Venus Mat is an invitation for this energy to freely flow in the bedroom. Feel beautifully held & completely safe to bloom in bed for years to come on the Flower Dakini Venus Mat.

Made from the most luxurious, certified-safe fabrics available, with superior absorbency and sumptuous softness. Available in both Queen and King-sizes & guaranteed waterproof for ten years.

  • The Flower Dakini Venus Mat measures approximately 60" x 57" inch (five feet wide by four feet nine inches tall) in a Queen-sized rectangle; or a 75" x 57" (Six feet four inches wide, by four feet, nine inches tall) in a King-sized rectangle. 


Wash separately in cold water. Dry on low.

Never use fabric softeners, bleach, or enzyme-based detergents (which could damage the waterproof layer).

Our Guarantee: 

Every Venus Mat comes with a 10-year waterproof guarantee. Contents:


The top layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat is sublimate printed on a wonderfully soft microfiber blend that feels delicious on naked skin. This first thirsty layer is:

  • Absorbent, breathable, and environmentally safe.

Underneath this cover, we take an absorbent bamboo and organic cotton terrycloth and fuse it to a durable yet breathable waterproofing—forming an effective but pliable second and third layer.

Unlike cheaper bed mats, our waterproofing is manufactured in American textile mills and guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

The fourth and final layer of the Flower Dakini Venus Mat is a luxurious and breathable champagne velvet. It feels delicious on naked skin.


Shipping & Returns:
  • This item ships directly from Colorado in discrete packaging.

  • Complimentary returns if unused accepted within 30 days of purchase.

  • International shipping is available at check-out (international customers are responsible for all import/customs fees). Exchanges and returns are not available on international orders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cara Cooper
Making Life Wonderful

I’m so happy I purchased this mat. Who knew I’d be having so much pleasure in my 50’s! Washing sheets, blankets & even the mattress pad took some of the pleasure away. Not anymore! This mat absorbs everything and is so easy to wash. My boyfriend and I even use this mat as a form of foreplay. When one of us surprises the other and has it laid out on the bed…well, let’s just say we know what’s coming next! Order one today! You’ll be glad you did! 💦🥰

Thanks so much for your review! We love hearing about women tapping *even more* pleasure in their 50s. Yesssss! So honored to have Venus Mats as part of the party!

Chaya F
Beautiful and functional

The design on the flower dakini mat is stunning. The fabric is super soft. It is pretty heavy, because I got the king size, so it is slightly difficult to wash and fold. The absorption is wonderful. I look forward to using it for many years.

Picture shows mat draped over headboard.

That looks gorgeous hanging on the headboard! Yes, our Venus Mats are substantial (if you ever want a travel size mat, check out the Venus Journey Mat). Thanks so much for your review!

Hilary kimball
Obsessed with this gorgeous, functional, multi-purpose mat!

This is my 4th mat from Venus Matters (yes I'm obsessed). They all work amazing, but this one is by far the most beautiful and versatile. If you're like me, you need a mat like this virtually every time you make love, and what I love about this mat is that it's so gorgeous and looks like a blanket, so it's easy to just lay down on top of my bed almost like a comforter.

It also looks and feels like a weighted blanket, which I love. I also used this as a groundcover when I was having a lakeside picnic and it was great because the ground was a bit cold/damp but I didn't feel it through the thickness of this mat.

Also, of course, this mat holds an amazing quantity of fluids, and what's great it that it actually absorbs the fluids instead of repelling it like some of the competitors mats. That is key when looking for an absorbent mat.

I ordered a queen but wish I had ordered a king! You won't regret splurging for this gorgeous mat!

(Pic is me on the mat during my picnic!)

Ah thank you so much, Hilary! how wonderful to feel your deep appreciation for our offerings...and we love how you're supporting women in (re)claiming their yoni-powers too!

Do it. Buy it now.

I never write reviews but this “blanket” has been the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I’ve tried other methods but they fall apart after used and washed a lot or they make a puddle and don’t soak anything up. That’s what I was looking for, something that didn’t make a puddle. This has been the answer to everything. It’s soft, durable, doesn’t make any noise, and very big so you don’t have to worry about making sure it’s underneath you. It doesn’t make a puddle, and it doesn’t even seep through to the fabric on the other side. The bed is completely dry and it’s a sigh of relief that its such an easy clean up that you don’t have to worry about. I throw it in the washer and then in the dryer and then let it air dry afterwards and it’s as good as new. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Wow, thank you so much! We really appreciate you speaking to the competition because we have tested a lot of them, too. No puddles on a Venus Mat, woo hoo!

C. M.
A beautiful accessory

Lovely colors, soft feel, much heavier than anticipated and totally a joy to use.

True! The three layers of fabric really give the mat some delicious weight. Thanks for your review!

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