Want to do it better? (We Do.)

Want to do it better? We Do.

We've been dedicated to serving the goddess of Love & Beauty since 2015, and sometimes, you have to get a little dirty in the process. 

The world has changed a lot since we launched: Sex coaches proliferate on social media, while talk of menstruation, menopause, and female biology is finally coming more and more into the light.

It's not a moment too soon for women's needs to take up more space in society.

And the truth is, these days, there's also a lot more competition for keeping your bedding clean and dry when life gets wonderfully messy.

So we decided to road-test some of the other bed mats on the market and to our surprise, we found there's not much real competition, after all.

One well-known brand sounds like a tent (not sexy), with reviews showing it loses its waterproofing in no time (we put it under our Christmas tree only to find red stains had bled through on the carpeting from overflow watering).

Other mats actually repel liquids— wait, isn't that the point?!

Some are advertised as dog blankets (which is humiliating) but we tested them anyway, and they're nowhere near as absorbent.

One is a simple layer of fabric, without covering the polyurethane (uh, no thanks).

Last week, we had a bed mat shipped from Down Under, from a company that's gotten a lot of publicity on the powers of squirting, yay yonis!

Turns out, it has visible holes in the loosely knitted fleece fabric— which falls apart from the slightest tugging. After one wash, plastic microfibers were everywhere.

That's just unconscionable.

Venus Mats are built to last.

Our devotion is to do right by our customers and by the Earth, Herself. We seek out the highest-quality, sustainable fabrics we can find (certified safe and luxurious on naked skin), and we hand sew Venus Mats in the USA (to ensure our sewers are properly paid). 

We also guarantee every Venus Mat's waterproofing for 10 years.

Our five-star reviews are a testament to how hard we've worked and how much our customers love their Venus Mats.

Since the "competition" is usually cheaper, it might be tempting to join a race to the bottom ...but, nope. While we strive to keep our prices reasonable (with a standard 2.5 mark-up on manufacturing costs), we know you deserve a high quality product.

In honor of the goddess Venus, we will not lower our standards. 

The Goddess Venus surrounded by flowers.

In fact, we're busy designing the next-level Venus Mat with even higher functioning fabrics and more beautiful designs.

This isn't a hard sell, it's a soft invitation.

If you've been waiting to enjoy the magic of Venus Matters, now is the time. Plus, you can invest in your expansive pleasure with four, interest-free payments at checkout.

Venus Matters because your needs matter, your pleasure is important, and body fluids are nothing to be ashamed about.

We're proud to be a part of the rising tide of wild and sacred feminine energy on this planet. May the wisdom and power of women help turn societies everywhere towards a more sane and humane future.

Here's to a peaceful, women-empowered, and divinely pleasurable world!


*painting of Venus by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 

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