Let's talk about the so-called sex recession

Let's talk about the so-called sex recession

Headlines for a few years have been pointing to a “sex-drought” among millennials who are supposedly having (gasp) some 2.79 less sexual encounters a year than people of the same age were having a few decades ago.

Clickbait aside, is this slight decline in sexual intercourse really the whole picture? 

Maybe not. As a Cosmopolitan article this summer claimed: “The Millennial Sex Recession Is Bullsh*t: Despite what the media says, we’re not lonely, porn-addicted careerists who are too selfish or busy to get it on. According to top experts, Cosmo’s exclusive data, and, um, actual millennials, we’re the most experimental, enlightened, and sexually fulfilled generation yet.”

Quoting Cosmo? Yep, we're not above that!

There’s no question that sexual mores are changing. The #metoo movement, as well as a rise in sexual autonomy—bolstered, in no small part, by the LGBTQ movement—has made sex more about personal choice and less about what anyone else says you should be doing with your private parts.

Maybe the {unfinished} sexual revolution (eh hem) cums down to quality, not quantity anyway. In fact, according to Match’s 2016 Singles in America survey, millennials are 40 times more likely than other generations to believe that an emotional connection makes for better sex. 

Venus Matters because you deserve to be having the kind of sex, how and when (and even if) you want it.


Claiming our individual, sexual sovereignty is the real fruit of what I like referring to as the Pleasure Revolution—it's all about making sexual agreements we want to keep, and keeping the agreements we want to make.

And if you feel like overflowing the limits of what you thought was possible, let a Venus Mat remove any worries about body fluids or the bedding.

May your sex-life be satisfying, liberating, and exquisitely true to you!

in delight,

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