Why we don't make Venus Mats in China

As a snow-filled winter in Colorado flirts with Spring, I wanted to take a moment to share a few updates from Venus Matters.

We recently decided to turn down a company that offered to produce Venus Mats in China. While the cost savings were significant, we knew deep down that it would compromise our values and commitments. Venus Matters is dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable products that honor our sewers’ rights while protecting your naked skin. We refuse to work with anyone who does anything less. Venus Mats may cost more but the price of betraying our values is too high.

We don't want you unwittingly going to bed with toxins or supporting dictators— we want you to enjoy spreading the love for years to come.

(And remember, you can always buy a Venus Mat using Sezzle at checkout with four, easy no-interest payments.) 

In Memoriam

A few weeks ago, we learned something that shook our hearts: 
Celene Remy, Co-founder of The LoveLab Podcast Célene Remy, co-founder of The Love Lab podcast, passed away last fall after a long illness. Célene invited me to my first interview as CEO of Venus Matters. She was a playful and inspiring guide for thousands to unfurl more love and pleasure (and her husband, Kevin, is devoted to continuing their juicy offerings). Her passing reminded us of the fleeting nature of our lives on this planet... as the Buddha said, "The trouble is, you think you have time." We wish to honor Célene’s memory by bringing more curiosity and playfulness to the journey. 
Lastly, we are announcing the retirement of Célene’s beloved Rose Magic Venus MatWhile it's bittersweet to say goodbye to this mystical red rose, we know it's time to make room for new creations and fresh energy.
We have a few Rose Magic Venus Mats left if you feel drawn to this enchanting design, but once they're gone, they're gone for good.
As always, we want to express our gratitude for you being here. Your belief that Venus Matters means the world to us and, with your support,we promise to continue to create products that honor the body temple while safeguarding your pleasure and peace of mind.


So with a deep and grateful breath, let's remember that we are loved. May your days be filled with beauty and wonder and may your nights be filled with delight.

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