We don't stalk or push. We know the value of Venus Matters.

We're not like other companies.

We don't track you with cookies and then pepper you with ads after leaving our online store. We don’t push our way into your inbox with a steady drip of daily emails either. The fact is, we hardly advertise (and the majority of our sales come from individuals spreading the love).

Why? Because we don’t want anyone to feel pressured— either between the sheets or between the lines. In these wild and often challenging times, we think there’s enough pressure already!

Instead, we keep our focus on making Venus Mats the best that they can be so you can be everything you want to be in bed (and beyond).

So while we’re planning our next production run, testing the next high-tech fabrics, and exploring new ways to make Venus Mats more sustainable and more wonderful, we want to encourage you to just say no to all the ways businesses (or even other humans) might try to make you feel "less than" in an attempt to gain power over you (or your wallet).

Venus Matters bows to your inner knowing, to your inherent power, and to the bright light of your soul's birthright for a holy pleasurable life.

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