Who’s afraid of a little blood?!

Who’s afraid of a little blood?!

It’s Halloween and the time is ripe to cast a flickering light on something scary and illicit that can trip you up in the dead of night.

What’s that creaking sound?!

Who’s shadow is rippling across the bedroom wall?

Where did that crimson drop of blood come from?!

Blood. 🩸

In a very real sense, all of human life rides on an endless tide of menstrual blood. And yet, there’s still so much fear and hiding, punishment and suffering, associated with menstruation.

In a recent Reddit thread, a young woman in the UK revealed that her boyfriend refused to hug her on her period. He even had the audacity to ask her to sleep on the couch!

In the 21st Century, periods continue to be considered taboo by too many.

In parts of India, Nepal, the Islamic world and in some Jewish traditions, women are routinely expelled from the home or the kitchen, prohibited from entering temples, or even reciting prayers out loud— simply because they’re menstruating.

BOO! Bow down to the power of menstrual blood.

So this Halloween Venus Matters wants to scare the living daylights out of anyone who tries to keep a woman down because she’s menstruating. We unashamedly celebrate womb-holders and their bloody procreative powers. We believe women everywhere deserve to bleed in freedom and in power.

And in case you or your partner feels randy during menstruation, that's totally natural too.

Here are Six Scintillating Reasons to Ride the Crimson Tide:

1) She’s a Scarlet Tiger💋

Sex hormones can roar on a woman’s cycle— unleashing heightened sensations and supernatural orgasms. 

2) A Red River Glides 🩸

Blood is a natural lubricant. Need we say more? 

3 Period s*x can be safe s*x. ☎️

It’s bloody difficult to get pregnant on your period (although it can happen, so you must carefully track ovulation). Only play this way only with a trusted partner (since STDs may transmit more easily during menstruation).

4) Double Down on Volcano S*x: More Pleasure = Less Pain. 🌋

It’s proven that orgasms diminish cramps—what a beastly treat!

5) Intimacy is Hot. Courageous Vulnerability, Even Hotter. ♥️

If you or your lover are still squeamish about blood, it’s time to end the “curse.” Put your magical red wings on and just say Boo! to silly, old taboos.

6) A Venus Mat makes it mess free. 💃🏽

The only bed mat on the market especially designed with sexy vampires in mind.

Let a waterproof and washable Venus Mat prevent your bed from becoming a crime scene. Venus Mats are built to last—and guaranteed leak-proof for 10 years. Never say “out, out damn spot” again!🩸

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