Have more fun in bed.

Rose magic Venus Mat sex mat, period mat, waterproof, washable, made in the USA and guaranteed squirter blanket..


❤️ You deserve to feel completely at home in your body and in your bed. 

❤️ A good night's sleep is essential (no more worries about stains on the bedding or toxins in your hoo ha). 

❤️ The Earth and your wallet deserve a sustainable product that lasts.

❤️ Pleasure is revolutionary & the body is a temple.

So we created an altar cloth — Venus Mats are washer/dryer safe, handmade in the USA, and guaranteed waterproof for 10 years.

Choose your favorite cover
Postpartum mat. bed protector. sex mat. gusher. squirter. waterproof.

Sublime Embodiment

We believe women's bodies are miraculous and nothing to be ashamed about. Let a Venus Mat elevate your bedtime, anytime, and put body fluid taboos to bed for good.

A favorite of female ejaculators, Venus Mats also provide a layer of protection for new mothers, menstruators, or anyone wanting to relax and have more fun in bed.

Experience the magic of Venus Matters...

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