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All the questions you may be asking about why Venus Matters (please email us if you have a question not answered below: info@venusmatters.com).

What’s the difference between a Venus Mat and a Venus Mat Throw?

So glad you asked! In establishing Venus Matters, we’ve spent years researching the safest and more effective fabrics, while creating some uniquely beautiful designs.

Since 2015 we’ve received very few complaints and no returns! (Yep, we’re proud.)

We love getting feedback from our thousands of customers, though, and some of our first customers complained that their Venus Mats moved around over the course of the night.

We want every customer to be fully delighted with their purchase so even though this issue didn't come up for everyone, we went back to the design table!

Last year we innovated a new fabric to address this issue with a trusted American manufacturing company. This four-layer fabric consists of a super-absorbent, quilted face (which helps it hold its shape) made from a combination of thirsty cotton, bamboo and polyester.

This absorbent layer is fused to a waterproof PUL which is made from a certified-safe polyurethane and guaranteed for three years. The PUL is sandwiched between the absorbent top layer, and a brushed tricot on the bottom, which is anti-slip.

Whew, what a lot of benefits to put into this relatively thin fabric! 

Featured in all Venus Mats, keep in mind that this four-layer backing is a little stiffer (to maintain its shape) and highly absorbent.

Right now, you can choose from four different cotton-covered Venus Mats with this unique backing. The largest of which—the Wild and Midnight Moonlight Venus Mats—are made with 100% organic cotton covers. We’ve found that organic cotton is even more absorbent and softer on naked skin (plus, better for our precious Earth, herself).

Still, because every body is different (and we love celebrating and honoring that), we’ve found that some customers prefer the softer, original design. So that’s why we’re also offering Venus Mat Throws.

For the Throws, we’ve fused a bamboo and organic cotton terry cloth (with no quilting) to the waterproof PUL, for our absorbent and waterproof middle layer, guaranteed as usual, for three years.

Then we upgraded the backing on the Throws and are now using a bottom layer made of sumptuous 100% polyester velvet, which is less slippery than our original designs. The feel of this velvet is simply divine!

Choose from three different sublimate printed covers, and one cotton-blend (the new Ocean Dakini Venus Mat Throw) on our Venus Mat Throws.

Which one is right for me—a Venus Mat or a Throw?

If you’re likely to sleep overnight on it, or if you want a super-absorbent option (such as when a mother’s water breaks or for incontinence), you may prefer using a Venus Mat. They have all cotton-covers and they'll absorb up to six cups of fluid.

If you prefer more of a soft, blanket feel then consider getting a Throw to slip under your sweet bum.

Don't worry, Venus Mat Throws are still nicely absorbent, made with a 300 GSM (which means grams per meter, we had to look it up too) terry cloth, easily absorbing up to 4 cups of liquid. Plus the new sumptuous velvet backing makes it a delightful playground for your pleasure and embodiment.

For travelling, we suggest you purchase either the smaller cotton Pink Power Venus Mat or the Butterflies Venus Mat or one of the Throws (which are a little smaller when folded than the large Venus Mats).

Many of our customers like having two Venus Mats/Throws on hand, so when one is in the washer/dryer, another is easily available.

Oh and one final note: our sewers in Colorado prefer to make small batches of of our offerings, so they frequently sell out—some never to return (occasionally, our cover fabrics are discontinued).

So if you find one you love, don’t delay in investing in your expanded pleasure and your peace of mind. We’re excited for you and your loved ones to feel the ease, elevation, and elegance of Venus Matters!

What is “squirting” or Female Ejaculation?

Well, first off, it's not just for porn stars! (Ugh, had to get that out of the way.)

You see, it turns out women (just like men) have a prostate...Who knew?! This mysterious, branch-like organ in a woman is made up of some 35 glands and ducts and measures around 5 cm. It surrounds the lower part of the urethral canal (where urine travels from the kidneys out of the body).

As under-the-radar as the female prostate may be, it's fairly easily felt: starting at the fleshy mound surrounding a woman's pee-hole, then travel down and up, inside the vagina (where it’s often ridged), ending in an often pillowy mass found just before the cervix. That's it, the female prostate—in all its hidden glory.

During arousal, the female prostate often swells with fluid.

Somewhere around 16% of women naturally emit anywhere from a tablespoon to a cup of this fluid during sex or solo self-pleasuring. It’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed about! (And we're convinced that if more women were aware of this power, and felt free to fully relax in bed, those stats would be much higher.)

Despite a relative dearth of recent scientific studies, this somewhat controversial fluid has actually been known and named for centuries. Called “Liquor Vitae” by the Ancient Greeks, “Nectar of the Gods” in Ancient India, “The Third Water” by the Taoists, and Amrita in the Tantra traditions, female ejaculate contains minerals (like zinc), serotonin, and prostatic acid phosphatase or PSA (an enzyme also emitted by the male prostate and found in semen). Oh, and it contains urine too.

But no, it’s not just pee. The fact is, even though it contains some urine—so does semen!—but we don't go around telling men to clamp down on their natural emissions, now do we?

And yes! You can learn how to squirt—but please take the pressure off. It’s really more of a not-doing than a doing

Let a Venus Mat help you relax and focus on your pleasure without worrying about the bedding. We love hearing from customers that they’ve had their first squirting orgasm on a Venus Mat!

What is free bleeding?

Our society and even the entire world, thankfully, is becoming more #periodpositive—and not a moment too soon!

Some women are bringing attention to the still all-too-common menstruation-discrimination by free-bleeding by day (which produces quite the site but does make a point). 

Others are choosing to connect more deeply with their bodies by sleeping through the night sans tampons or similar types of protection. A Venus Mat is perfect for such an overnight adventure. We've desgined Venus Mats with bright colors, like blood itself, and our sublimate printed covers have the added benefit of being nearly impermeable to blood stains (even dried blood easily washes right out).

No matter how you feel about free-bleeding, no one wants to find themselves scrubbing bloodstains out of the sheets at 4 am, or worse, having to throw out expensive bedding due to break-through bleeding.

With a Venus Mat, you're covered.

We love being a part of the rising tide of businesses helping to end shame around women's biology, while creating sacred ground for more embodied pleasure.

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