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Is your shipping discrete?

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Yes! Orders are shipped in discrete gray plastic bags with no branding other than a return address.

How long will it take to get my order?

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Orders are shipped from our warehouse In Colorado within 2 business days of your order (often sooner). Most customers in the USA choose Priority USPS shipping, for economical and fast shipping—normally you'd get your order in about five business days HOWEVER recent delays in USPS service could bring priority USPS shipping to 7 business days (or more). Please choose fedex if you need your Venus Mat right away!

Do you ship internationally?

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Yes, you can choose First Class International USPS shipping, or Fedex International shipping at checkout. Please note: Customers are responsible for all import and customs fee (which vary by country and region within countries). Timing is variable, usually 2-3 weeks or more. International orders cannot be exchanged or returned (due to shipping fees).

How much is shipping?

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That depends on the weight of the package and your location (this will automatically be calculated at checkout). A single Venus Mat/Throw usually costs under $10 for tracked, 2-3 day shipping within the USA.

International orders generally range between $25 to $55 plus any import or customs fees (we wish we could get international shipping prices down, but that's out of our hands, unfortunately). Please send us a note for help with international orders.


Can I return my order?

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Yes. Venus Matters offers free and fully refundable returns (in the USA) for any reason, as long as your purchase is unused and the return is initiated within 30 days of purchase.

We're proud to say that in seven years of doing business, we've never had a return (only occasionally exchanges).

How do I return or exchange my order?

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It's easy! If you'd like to return or exchange your order, we will send you a prepaid label. Simply email us at and we'll get the process rolling. 

*Sorry, we cannot offer International returns or exchanges.


What is “squirting” or Female Ejaculation?

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Well, first off, it's not just for porn stars (let's get that out of the way)!

You see, it turns out women (just like men) have a prostate...Who knew?! During arousal, the female prostate swells with fluid.

Up to 16% of women naturally emit anywhere from a tablespoon to a cup of fluid during sex or self-pleasuring. It’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed about! 

We believe that as more women become aware of the female prostate—and feel free to fully relax during sex—many more would be letting it flow!

Sometimes called the G-spot, the female prostate is actually made up of some 35 glands and ducts and measures around 5 cm, surrounding the lower part of the urethral canal (where urine travels from the kidneys out of the body).

As under-the-radar as the female prostate may be, it's fairly easily felt: it begins at the fleshy mound surrounding a woman's pee-hole, then travels down and up, inside the vagina, ending in a (sometimes) pillowy mass a few inches inside the vagina. That's it, the female prostate, in all its hidden glory!

Despite a relative dearth of scientific studies, its somewhat controversial fluid has actually been known and named for centuries. Called Liquor Vitae by the Ancient Greeks, Nectar of the Gods in Ancient India, The Third Water by the Taoists, and Amrita in the Tantra traditions, female ejaculate contains minerals (like zinc), serotonin, and prostatic acid phosphatase or PSA (an enzyme also emitted by the male prostate and found in semen). Oh, and it contains urine too.

But no, #it’snotpee. The fact is, even though it contains some urine—so does semen. But we don't go around telling men to clamp down on their natural emissions, now do we?

And yes! You can learn how to squirt—but please take the pressure off. It’s really more of a not-doing than a doing

Let a Venus Mat help you relax and focus on a woman's pleasure without worrying about the bedding. We love hearing from customers that they’ve had their first squirting orgasm on a Venus Mat!

What is "free bleeding"?

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Our society—and even the entire world, thankfully—is becoming more #periodpositive, and not a moment too soon!

Some women are bringing attention to a (sadly still prevalent) menstruation-discrimination by free-bleeding by day (which can produce quite the site but does make a point). 

Others are choosing to connect more deeply with their bodies by sleeping through the night sans tampons or similar types of protection. A Venus Mat is perfect for such an overnight adventure. We've designed Venus Mats with bright colors, (like blood itself) and stain-resistant, too. (Always wash promptly with cold water so as not to let the blood dry).

No matter how you feel about free-bleeding, no one wants to find themselves scrubbing bloodstains out of the sheets at 4 am, or having to throw out expensive bedding due to break-through bleeding.

With a Venus Mat, you're covered.

We love being a part of the rising tide of businesses helping to end shame around women's biology, while laying sacred ground for more embodied pleasure

If you're looking to expand love & pleasure in your life, check out:

The Venus Matters Guide to Unlocking Love & Pleasure.

The Wild Venus Mat. Waterproof Period sex mat that keeps the bedding clean so you can be free in bed. Shop now. Squirter mat. Squirter pad. Organic cotton.


It's easy to spread the love (and get commissions too).

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Pleasure is revolutionary. The body is a temple. That's why Venus Matters.

Join the Venus Matters #PleasureRevolution by becoming an affiliate and get 10% of all sales via your unique link to our online store.

Sales are automatically tracked and we'll send you a check as soon as your commission reaches $50 (or every three months).

Here's the link to sign up:

with mutual delight!

Jules Cazedessus
Founder and CEO, Venus Matters

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