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The cotton Butterflies Venus Mat is a delightful swirl of blue, pink, yellow, and purple butterflies on a black background.
Let the Butterflies Venus Mat cover your bed and give you ample protection against spots and stains.
Butterflies Venus mats are made with a soft breathable waterproof backing, so you can rest easy.
Relax on the Butterflies Venus Mat and discover more ease and elegance in bed!
Rest easy with a Butterflies Venus Mat, no more stains spots or worries!

Butterflies Venus Mat

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Transforming bedtime. NOTE: BUTTERFLIES VENUS MAT HAS BEEN UPGRADED AND IS NOT EXACTLY AS PICTURED but still has colorful butterflies on a black background!

Multicolored watercolor butterflies swirl on a black background. Drawing on the symbol of transformation, let the Butterflies Venus Mat transform your bedroom so you can rest easy (without worrying about stains on the bedding). 

Cotton Venus Mats feature three layers:

  • a soft 100% cotton cover.
  • a super-absorbent inner layer which soaks up liquids 20 times faster than towels and absorbs 10 times its' weight in under 2 seconds.
  • a non-crinkly, breathable waterproof backing guaranteed for 400 washes or two years at least! (Our first customers from three years ago report that their Venus Mats continue to be waterproof.)

Sizing: Cotton Venus Mat come in medium (42 inches in diameter).

Care: Gentle wash, cold water. Dryer safe, remove promptly.

Our Guarantee: Two-year waterproof guarantee.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships directly from Colorado in 2-3 days.
  • Complementary returns accepted if unused within 14 days of receipt.

Venus Mats are made from only certified safe fabrics and proudly assembled in the USA.



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