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The cotton Butterflies Venus Mat is a delightful swirl of blue, pink, yellow, and purple butterflies on a black background.
Let the Butterflies Venus Mat cover your bed and give you ample protection against spots and stains.
Butterflies Venus mats are made with a soft breathable waterproof backing, so you can rest easy.
Relax on the Butterflies Venus Mat and discover more ease and elegance in bed!
Rest easy with a Butterflies Venus Mat, no more stains spots or worries!

Butterflies Venus Mat

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Transform your bedtime.

Multicolored butterflies swirl on a black background on the Butterflies Venus Mat. Drawing on the symbol of transformation, the Butterflies Venus Mat transforms your bedroom and lets you rest without worrying about spots or stains. **Order today: just one Butterflies Venus Mat left!**

Cotton Venus Mats feature three layers:

  • a soft 100% cotton cover.
  • a super-absorbent inner layer which soaks up liquids 20 times faster than towels and absorbs 10 times its' weight in under 2 seconds.
  • a non-crinkly, breathable waterproof backing guaranteed for 400 washes or two years at least! (Our first customers from three years ago report that their Venus Mats continue to be waterproof.)

Sizing: Cotton Venus Mat come in medium (42 inches in diameter).

Care: Gentle wash, cold water. Dryer safe, remove promptly.

Our Guarantee: Two-year waterproof guarantee.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships directly from Colorado in 2-3 days.
  • Complementary returns accepted if unused within 14 days of receipt.

Venus Mats are made from only certified safe fabrics and proudly assembled in the USA.



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