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Organic Cotton Midnight Moonlight Venus Mat

Product image 1Organic Cotton Midnight Moonlight Venus Mat - Waterproof bedding protector. Prevent stains with this period blanket.
Product image 2Organic Cotton Midnight Moonlight Venus Mat
Product image 3Luxurious and elegant waterproof period bed mat. Leak proof support in bed.

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Give into the gravitational pull of embodied sensuality...

Made with a luxurious, 100% organic-cotton cover, the Midnight Moonlight Venus Mat creates a pleasurable event-horizon. Banish worries about the bedding with this black organic cotton sateen cover, as soft as your high-count sheets.

Enjoy the security and comfort of organic and rest easier, knowing you are held, safe, and loved.

*NOTE: The red rose pictured is real, it does not appear on this cover.


This Venus Mat measures 57" inches in diameter. 

  • A soft, 100% GOTS-certified, organic cotton sateen top layer.

Beneath this top layer, this Venus Mat is backed with a four-layer fabric manufactured in American textile mills, consisting of Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Polyester, and Polyurethane (guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates or other harmful chemicals). 

We innovated this specialty fabric to provide multiple benefits:

  • Super absorbency.
  • Fully waterproof/leak-proof and washable.
  • Reduced bunching, anti-skid.
  • Eco-friendly and CPSIA certified safe.

Wash separately in cold water. Dryer safe.

Our Guarantee: 

Three-year or 400 washes waterproof guarantee.

Shipping & Returns:

  • This item ships within 2-3 business days from Colorado in discrete packaging.
  • Complimentary returns accepted if unused within 30 days of purchase.

Venus Mats are made from only certified safe fabrics and sewn in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
lyn dowling

Hello, I purchased a Venus Mat back in march 2021. Thank you for the invitation to review it even after more than a year.
What a find! Our venus mat has been such a wonderful companion in our intimate world. I am post menopausal and during this time of transition discovered that lovemaking started to be accompanied by 'lakes' as we affectionately call them. A new phenomena for me. At first taking me a little by surprise, but not disencouraged! But it was the what to do .... this was more than just a trickle!
At first we managed our lakes with the usual frequent sheet changes, use of towels and the like (as I have discovered many others have done, once I entered this world of new lovemaking experiences!)
Then we discovered your beautiful Venus Mats
How wonderful to have such a product that has been so thoughtfully designed both for comfort, and effectiveness!
And that celebrates our bodies and allows for such freedom in our expression.
It has been well used, never failed us, washed many times, is perhaps a little faded from its original black now, but still very comfortable in the fabric.
Thankyou !!

What a touching review! We are so happy to support your celebrations and inundations…

And yes, the organic cotton will fade with washings (as that GOTS certified) but it will only get softer too. Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on your new post menopausal powers. ♥️

Totally worth it

We love our Venus mat! Whenever it comes out, we know things are about to get serious! 😍 It absorbs all the things you would want, including oils, with no leak through. We’ve travelled multiple times with it too, since it folds up nicely. Easy to clean, and easy to tuck out of the way. Highly recommend!

Has been a literal lifesaver

I have very heavy bleeding from fibroids and it is so difficult to clean up the sheets when you are already so exhausted from the heavy bleeding. I can say that the venut matters mat is a true lifesaver! I can bleed without a single worry of it leaking, unlike many other methods I've tried (towels, period underwear, etc.). And additionally, the clean up of the mat couldn't be easier, with a quick wash in the machine it's ready for its next use.

I received the mat at a very difficult time in my life, when I had to move around switching places of residence very often (not by choice, unfortunately). This "little" thing, of not worrying about staining sheets that were not mine and then struggling to clean them up while exhausted, made a huge difference to me in a time when most things were difficult and trying. So thank you Venus Matters for making such a wonderful product that really meets the needs of those who struggle with heavy periods and fatigue. It's truly appreciated.

We're so glad you found Venus Matters and we are honored to provide a safe place for you during these difficult times. Rest easy and may you find healing and a steady home soon!

Amber Helms
Absolutely Amazing

I am so happy to have found this website. It has been a long time of searching for just the right thing to use, and lots of wet bed cleanups and accidents during intimate time! No more of that, thank goodness. I can't believe how well the mat works! I poured a bunch of water all over mine just to test it out and I am SO impressed. No more worries for this gal.

Achat à recommander

Ce tapis est génial tant pour dormir paisiblement les 1ers jours du cycle que pour les bons moments partagées avec une femme fontaine.
Plus besoin de serviette de bain!

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