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Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw

Product image 1Amethyst Magic Deluxe Venus Mat, a lavendar exotic flower graces this sex mat/period mat. Naturally antimicrobial, absorbent and waterproof.
Product image 2The Amethyst Magic Deluxe Venus Mat protect your bedding and defend against wet-spots or period stains in bed. The most aesthietcially pleasing bed mat on the market.
Product image 3Intricate purple crystaline shapes at the center of the Amethyst Venus Mat--sex mat , menstrual blanket for women.

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Amethyst inspires lucid dreaming emotional balance and inner peace.

The Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw has an intricate purple, lilac, and black crystalline center, surrounded by vibrant violet petals.

Combining the best of beauty and practicality, our Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw provides a luxurious way to protect the bedding or the furniture from stains or wet-spots. 

The dreamy and delightful Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw is an exquisite addition to any bedroom.

  • The Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw is a 55" diameter, soft velvet-backed circle.

The top layer of the Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw is sublimate printed—so its colors never fade. Made from a silky-soft polyester, this fabric is the only FDA approved anti-bacterial fabric, plus it's:

  • Absorbent, breathable, moisture-wicking, and environmentally safe.
  • Stain-proof (even dried blood easily washes clean).

Beneath this super-soft cover, a middle layer consisting of bamboo and organic cotton terry is fused to a durable waterproofing layer, manufactured in American textile mills—guaranteed free of PFOAs, lead, BPA, phthalates or other harmful chemicals.

The third and final layer of the Amethyst Magic Venus Mat Throw is a luxurious black velvet made of 100% polyester.


Wash separately in cold water. Dryer safe.

Our Guarantee: 

Every Venus Mat/Throw comes with a three-year, 400-wash waterproof guarantee.

Shipping & Returns:
  • This item ships within 2-3 business days, directly from Colorado in discrete packaging.
  • Complimentary returns if unused accepted within 30 days of purchase.

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